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The Property Brothers Reveal One Popular Design Rule You Should Actually Break

Nov. 1, 2022

Property brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott know that most people crave a bit more space around the house—and on the latest “Celebrity IOU,” they show how better design can magically make that happen without adding square footage. In the Season 3 episode “Anthony Anderson’s Ultimate Thank You,” the brothers meet with Anthony Anderson, the star of “Black-ish” and other TV shows and films. The actor wants to help his younger brother, Derrick, renovate his home, which has fallen into disrepair. “When you’re as busy as Derrick, working in the ER and raising a family, jobs around the house can just fall to the wayside,” Jonathan explains. But at just under 1,000 square feet, this house is cramped, so Drew and Jonathan need to not only update the style, but also make the home feel more functional. “A house that has a smaller footprint means you have to get extra creative to find the best solutions,” Jonathan says. The brothers take down a kitchen wall, make big upgrades to the home’s only bathroom, and even put up a family photo display that brings Derrick to tears. Read on for tips on making a small home big enough for the whole family—and get plenty of smart ideas on upgrades you might want to try, too.

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